The Project:
In the Fall of 2017 myself and 2 other motion designers were invited to collaborate with Iacono Productions to create content to be projected during Blink Cincinnati. Blink was a four day light, art and projection mapping event featuring large-scale projection mapping installations, murals, urban artscapes, media light and interactive art in Cincinnati, OH. We were each assigned a “style” and given a brief to follow (mine being Half-Tone) with a wide license to interpret how we saw fit. The event was a huge success for Cincinnati, and a tremendously fun and rewarding project to be involved in.

The Brief:
Humans are equipped to think in terms of stark, simple duality: good and bad, light and dark, friend and enemy. When paired as such, these tenets imply opposition... or possibly, conflict. But how are we to know the difference between the two? Against what truths do we measure these ideas? Are they polar opposites?... or merely two sides of the same coin? Can one truly exist without the other? It’s all subject to individual perception. How we choose to perceive the world will ultimately determine our own reality. What do you see? 
The Work:
Mood Board:
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