Homeland is, at its core, a psychological thriller. To that end, this sequence uses the kaleidoscope as a vehicle to explore the main themes of the show. Using CGI along with moody black and white photography, the main characters are seamlessly blended, reflected and refracted with the iconic imagery of the U.S. and Middle East. Never fully knowing what is up, what is down, what is right, what is wrong, the audience is pulled ever deeper into the uncertain, fractured and often obscured world that the two main characters occupy.
*The Sarofsky “Main Title and Concept Pitching” Lab provided an opportunity to spend a weekend inside the Sarofsky studio and learn directly from Erin Sarofsky and Duarte Elvas (creative lead) how they ideate, and then develop those ideas into a visual presentation. We were given actual creative briefs from which to work and after an informal but thorough discussion on the process, attendees spent the weekend developing our own ideas into a pitch-ready format. What you see here is the the result of my weekend in the Lab.
You can learn more about the Sarofsky Lab Series here: sarofsky.com/labs/

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